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Commentary: Inside Higher Ed, ASU Now, ASU Teach Tech Blog

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Commentary: Inside Higher Ed, The Times Higher Education, ZME ScienceASU State Press, ASU Now, Reddit, WREK Radio Station, ASU Teach Tech Blog, Ask a Biologist 

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Highlighted by Science Magazine as an Editor's choice

Commentary: Chemical and Engineering NewsASU Biology and Society, ASU Teach Tech Blog, STEM Prof Newsletter

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Commentary: Carleton College Academic Technology Blog

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Commentary: The New York Times, NBC news, ABC news, The Times

Additionally, USA: CNN, CNBC, ABC, Yahoo! News, Fortune, Inside Higher Ed, Science Daily, Science Newsline, Mother Jones, Jezebel, Slate The Gist, and AZ Central. UK:The Times, Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, London Evening Standard, Times Higher Education,Irish Independent, Australia:The Australian, The Northern Star, India:DNA (Delhi), The Free Press Journal, The Times of India, as well as being featured in dozens of other blogs and news organizations.

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Commentary: Faculty Focus Blog, ASU Teach Teach Blog, Science Teaching Science Learning Blog, STEM Prof Newsletter

Sept 2016   Cooper KM, Brownell SE. Coming out in class: Challenges and benefits of active learning in a biology

classroom for LGBTQIA students. CBE Life Sciences Education.

Commentary: ASU State Press, Teach Learn PimaASU Now, ASU Teach Tech Blog, Psych Central


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