The Cooper Lab is currently accepting Ph.D. students  


Master's and Ph.D. students

UCF's Department of Biology offers a Master's in Biology program and Ph.D. in Biology program focused exclusively on undergraduate biology education.

What you should know about our programs:

  1. Students interested in studying undergraduate biology education have the opportunity to earn their Master's or Ph.D. through the Department of Biology.

  2. Students in these programs exclusively conduct undergraduate biology education research- there is no basic science research requirement.

  3. Coursework is flexible.  For the Ph.D. program, there are five required biology courses. Students' remaining coursework can be in other disciplines relevant to biology education (e.g. statistics, learning sciences, psychology)

  4. UCF is home to a vibrant community of discipline-based education researchers (e.g. physics and chemistry education researchers), who can serve on students' committees.

For more information email

Undergraduate research

The Cooper BER lab is currently interviewing undergraduates who are interested in getting involved in biology education research!

The overarching goal of an undergraduate research experience in this lab is to enhance students' abilities think like scientists.  This is a skill that is valued by many employers and professional schools including medical schools, dental schools, other health professions, as well as graduate programs in basic science and education.

If you are interested in an undergraduate research experience in biology education research, email

Cooper Biology Education Research Lab

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